Class Links

A full list of the 2022-23 Class Links can be downloaded here.

The GDPR form so that new parents/carers can opt in to receive PTFA emails can be PTFA GDPR letter. This needs to be printed, signed and returned to class links or the red PTFA box int he school office.

The role of the Class Links parent is to pass information about PTFA activities to the parents in each class and to help run PTFA events and class events, such as picnics.  The Class Link is not a representative of the parents, so any matters not relating to PTFA should be raised by a parent directly with the school.

The Class Links are elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting in October. The duration of their tenure then lasts from the AGM in which they are voted in until the next AGM at which they can be voted in again or step down for someone else to take over. The length of term for being a class link is from the PTFA AGM in October until the next AGM so does not run exactly to the school year.  Class Links will have the following responsibilities for the whole of their tenure.

The Class Link can be a shared role, which has proved successful and has reduced the amount of work required by one person.

Class Link Responsibilities:

  • The Class Link should assemble a list of parents’ names, contact numbers and email addresses for the class, which can be sent out in book bags via the class teacher.  All information is given by parents on a voluntary basis and must be used only for the purposes for which the parent/carer has given permission.
  • The Class Link Liaison Officer passes on PTFA information to the class links which can then be forwarded to the rest of the class parents, preferably by blind copy email.
  • Class links also ask parents for help with various PTFA activities e.g. running a stall at a fair.
  • Teachers may make use of this communication system from time to time, for example if help is needed walking the class up to the school field.
  • The Class Link (or at least one of the Class Links if it is a shared role) will be a member of the PTFA committee. The committee votes on such matters as the spending of PTFA funds.
  • If the Class link cannot attend the termly PTFA meeting, he/she should try to find someone to attend on his/her behalf.
  • Many Class Links organise social evenings, picnics and even camping trips BUT this is not necessarily a responsibility of the Class Link and can be organised by any of the class parents if required. If social events are organised by a Class Link, he/she should only contact parents who are happy for their contact details to be used for this purpose (see pro forma letter)
  • If the Class Link needs to discuss anything with the class teacher he/she should arrange an appointment.