Race Night

Enjoy an evening of fun, excitement and thrills at the Bishop Road Race Night

What is a race night?
A race night is an exhilarating event where bets are placed on pre-recorded horse races and the winning backers share a prize fund for each race.
When is it?
Race night is held in September/October. The exact date will be sent out before the summer break.
How does it work?
It’s really simple. You place bets in multiples of £1 on one (or more) horses numbered 1 – 8. It’s a game of chance and everyone has an equal chance of backing the winning horse. There is no form to study or complicated betting odds to work out.
Once all of the bets have been placed a random horse race recording is selected and shown on the big screen. After the excitement of the race, a prize fund is split between each of the £1 bets for the winning horse. There are 8 races over the course of the evening.
Will there be a bar?
Yes, the bar will be selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and bar snacks (crisps, etc).
Do I need to get a team of people together?
There are no teams. You can come on your own or with as many friends as you can muster. The more the merrier!

Do I need a ticket to get in?
Yes, tickets will be sold in advance of the event. The ticket price will be confirmed nearer the date.
Where is it held?
It’s held in Silverthorne Hall at Bishop Road School.